Learn to Windsurf

  • 5 Days beginner windsurf course (approx 1h30min per day)
  • Optional upgrade to 3x 1h30m extra coaching or supervision in the bay
  • All your windsurfing equipment for the duration of the lessons (board, sail, rigs, wetsuit, boots etc)
  • English speaking qualified windsurf instructors
  • Special beginners windsurf boards, sails and rigs
  • Low student to instructor ratio
  • Inshore boat assistance and rescue cover
  • Equipment damage insurance
  • English speaking local manager

This package is aimed at people who have never windsurfed before and want to learn the fundamental skills required to start windsurfing or people who have perhaps completed a basic course elsewhere and feel they need to recap. i.e. No experience up to harness level.

The aim here is to teach you the fundamentals of windsurfing and you will learn about equipment and safety, wind direction, correct sailing stance, starting, board control and basic sailing. In no time at all you will be on the water sailing alongside your instructor in the safety of the bay. Once you have mastered the basics you will progress onto steering, tacking, jibing and upwind riding. Depending upon how you progress you may take the first steps with the harness.

Beginner will start with large boards with plenty of volume specifically designed for beginners (daggerboards + school sails), you will then progress onto smaller volume boards (daggerboards like 205l/180l) with normal sails and battens. If you reach the harness stage you will be riding 180l/160l boards.

Windsurf courses run everyday at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00. Courses and supervised rental will be scheduled at the centre on the first day of your holiday around the fixed course times depending upon the local wind conditions.

Timetable courses can vary depending on sea sea conditions and tide.

As with most boardsports we all have our own learning curves and progress at different rates. So depending upon your ability, aptitude to learn, fitness, stamina and the windsurf conditions you may cover some or all of the topics outlined above.

Windsurfing lessons-Beginner program

1 days x 1.30 hrs  40€ 

3 days x 1.30 hrs  100€ ( first day 40€,second 30€ and the third 30€ )

5 days x 1.30 hrs  150€ ( first day 40€,second 30€, third 30€, fourth and fith 25€)



Intermediate Windsurf


Windsurf equipment