With over 20 years experience organising group trips to Lanzarote

Since 1998 the SurfLanzarote team has been sucessfully organising surfing and kitesurfing trips for surf clubs, kitesurf clubs, university groups and stag and hen parties.

With over 20 years local knowledge and an experienced team of people on the ground in Lanzarote, we are in a perfect position to put together a package to suit your group. For groups of 10 or more people we can offer excellent prices and packages tailored to your needs. This could be just accommodation close to the surf or a full package including tuition, group meals, airport transfers and even beach BBQs.

Surf Lanzarote Team , is a International online travel agency for Lanzarote and Famara and offers qualified surf lessons, in our recommended surf camps and surf schools, for all levels and all ages. Small groups between 1 and a maximum of 8 pupils per instructor, often less. Yoga and video corrections while surfing provide the best learning results (optional).

Our partner camps use clearly structured training methods and will offer a Lanzarote group discounts, which are adapted to your individual needs.
Beginners make our first experiences on the wave with soft surfboards also called (softboards), which are later exchanged against normal surfboards (hardboards).
The language is English and Spanish. All surfing techniques are first explained on the beach in English. The learned on the beach is then implemented in the water. We spend the first few days in the water.
Later, depending on the level, we paddle into the lineup to surf the first unbroken waves.

For surf clubs and groups of experienced surfers we understand that you want to be as close to the waves as possible so we have a wide range of accommodation no more than a five minute walk from some of the best surf in Europe.

For groups who want to enjoy a bit more nightlife than is on offer in Famara, we can also arrange accommodation in the tourist resort of Costa Teguise and our surf school will pick you up each day for your tuition.

Lanzarote Group Discounts aim is to make the organisation of the trip as easy as possible for the group leader and we offer discounts and sometimes even FREE places as a “thanks” to the person arranging the trip. Therefore before you plan your next trip please contact us to see what we can offer you!