Kitesurf clinics advanced

  • 7 Nights self catering accommodation in Famara
  • Accommodation: Surf House or choose  apartment, bungalow..
  • Ozone School kitesurf centre and school
  • 5 Day kitesurf clinic (3 hours per day)
  • All your kitesurfing equipment for the duration of the lessons (kite, board, harness, helmet, wetsuit, life jacket etc)
  • Transport from Kitesurf centre to Playa Famara beach (kitesurf lessons)
  • Low student to instructor ratio
  • Diploma kiteboarder workbook
  • Civil responsibility insurance
  • English speaking local manager

Advanced kitesurf course


Our advanced kitesurf program is aimed at people who have completed courses, bought their first kite and board and are regularly practising at a local spot. Perhaps your time on the water is limited and you have lost your confidence or you’re struggling to stay upwind or master an advanced kiteboarding technique and as a result you are starting to get frustrated. Our aim is help you iron out any problems and give you the skills and boost of confidence you need to progress to a higher level and become a totally safe and independent kitesurfer!

This course is only for people are competent.

Our advanced kitesurf program covers the most important steps, including: exposure and use of different kite sizes, changing direction, smooth out transitions, upwind riding and perhaps explore controlled jumps.

As with most boardsports we all have our own learning curves and progress at different rates. So depending upon your ability, aptitude to learn, fitness, stamina and the kitesurf conditions you may cover some or all of the topics outlined above.

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