windsurf boards
windsurf equipment

Rental information

  • Rental includes: board, sail, rigs, harness lines
  • JP and Starboard material
  • Wide range of boards and sail pool (to suit all sailing levels & conditions)
  • Inshore rescue boat assistance
  • Extra charge insurance is optional (1 day 10€, 3 days 25€, 5 days 30€ )

Master Class

3 days 200€
First day 70€ 1 hour and a half

Antxon Otaegui E-169

2008 European Freestyle Champion.
2008 winner freestyle World Cup Sylt (Germany) PWA
2006 3rd World cup overall (PWA professional Windsurfing Association)
From 2003 to 2010  Top 10 on the PWA Tour.

Master Class : high level windsurfers . Only 1 person on a lesson with Antxon Otaegui,  forward loop, back loop, push loop, any freestyle move…! Nobody else on the canary islands can offer you this high level lessons. Learn the moves you cannot do on your own.

Advanced Windsurf Program

First day 50€. Second 45€, Third 40€, Fourth 35€
First day 50€ 1 hour and a half

Maximum 3 people and the instructor.