A bit of windsurfing history

Las Cucharas beach first gained international recognition when it held the PWA World Cup back in the early 90’s. Since then and partly due to it success a major windsurf event has been held on the island almost every year. In 2010 the island hosted one of the biggest windsurf freestyle events to date where local windsurfer “Antxón Otaegi” competed against the worlds best windsurfers to become freestyle champion. The versatile wind and sailing conditions, professional windsurf competitions and excellent facilities combine to make it one of Europe’s best short haul windsurfing destinations.EFPT, the European Freestyle Pro Tour will be held in Costa Teguise for the third year.


From as early as March to late September the “Los Alisios” trade winds blow from the North East providing consitent windsurfing conditions. In Autumn and Winter the wind patterns change and the wind is less frequent but as the wind statistics testify there are still plenty of days to get out on the water. The bay of Las Cucharas offers great windsurfing conditions for all levels of windsurfers and in summertime it really delivers. The crescent shaped bay provides moderate wind conditions near the shore and good conditions for beginners and intermediates. As you get further out into the bay it blows harder and the strong, steady winds provide ideal conditions for freestylers. 300m offshore wave freaks will find a clean reef break offering up to mast high wave riding conditions up to mast high. 500m upwind you will find Los Charcos which also provides good wind and a very good wave.

Windsurf school & centre

Our windsurf school and shop are located right on the beach in the bay of “Las Cucharas”. The school is a water sports centre and our aim is for our students to become safe, responsible and self-sufficient windsurfers. Our lessons provide a proven step-by-step approach to learning windsurfing in a safe but fun environment. All instructors are qualified and we can cater for all levels of windsurfers.

Windsurf lessons & equipment

Our beginner windsurf courses courses are specifically aimed at those who have never windsurfed before or those who have already taken some some lessons but feel they need to start over. Our improver windsurf clinics are specifically aimed at those who have who have done around 30 hours of windsurfing, and want to master techniques like fast tack, jibe, beach start and harness. Our windsurf equipment rental packages are aimed at intermediate or experienced windsurfers who want to just rent equipment and sail in the bay of Las Cucharas. Windsurfing is progressive and with the right coaching and encouragment from the team you are almost certain to achieve your windsurfing goals in a safe but fun environment.

Windsurf lessons are run everyday of the week and are scheduled based on the local tide, wind and weather conditions. Each lesson starts at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 or 16:00 and lasts for approx. 1h 30mins, groups are divided by ability and have low instructor to pupil ratios. The equipment used for the lessons has been specifically designed for beginners/intermediates and the special boards, rigs and sails will help you progress quicker. We also offer windsurf classes for children that are run in a safe shallow lagoon, advanced windsurf coaching sessions and private coaching sessions with video analysis.

*Timetable courses can vary depending on sea conditions and tide.

Windsurf equipment rental

We offer a diverse range of boards that will suit most windsurfers needs everything from radical wave boards to freestyle & freeride boards to the new freak-style shapes. We have higher performance full wood sandwich boards by JP and Starboard which are more suited to advanced windsurfers and all round epoxy sandwich boards by JP and Starboard which are more suited to intermediate windsurfers. Our rental ranges offer a choice of approx. 17 board types in various sizes and volumes. Both these options include full access to the latest Simmer Style & Extreme Sails pool with wavesails, freemove & freeride sails in various sizes from 3.0 to 8.2 sqm. Harness lines are included. Pre-booking of a board is essential especially in high season, however boards and sails can be changed as desired (subject to availability). Extras such as wetsuits, harnesses are included in courses.There’s an extra charge for rental equipment to cover any damage that could happen.

From November to March we offer a flexi booking system where you can rent equipment for a shorter period and decide which days to use it (e.g. rent for 5 out of 7 days). We also offer 10 hour rental cards and a special rental deal for two people who wish to save some money by sharing a board.

You're in safe hands

Safety is important and for your peace of mind a rescue boat and surveillance team is available/on watch at all times.Our system is based on watching out from top ot the spot with binoculars, walkies and a safety boat.

If you have any questions regarding to windsurf courses we operate in Lanzarote then please do not hesitate to contact one of the team, we are here to help and share our passion and knowlege of windsurfing with you.

Extra services: Windsurf shop selling all the latest equipment and clothing, board storage, board & sail repairs, snack bar with views of windsurf spot.