art of surfing

A bit of surfing history

Our lanzarote surf school is regarded as being one of the very best beginner and intermediate schools in Europe and it’s easy to see why. Head coach and surf school director TJ has surfed all his life and has riden everything from traditional longs to modern high performace shortboards and is now a highly respected Trainer and Assessor of ISA.

This lifelong passion and dedication to surf coaching led to the birth and development of the surf school in playa de famara which has now established itself as the  one of the Best Surf Schools in Spain.

We are also members of the International Surfing Asociation and we are life savers from the Royal Life Saving UK, we provide our customers the most up to date coaching methods available.


It goes without saying that the Canaries are blessed with year round sun, warm waters and consistent waves but here in Famara the stunning 6km long natural sandy beach set in the foothills of the “Los Riscos” cliff range make learning to surf in Lanzarote a unique and memorable experience. All surf courses are held on Playa Famara beach which was recently voted as one of Europes top watersports destinations thanks mainly due to it’s year round consistent waves suitable for all levels of surfers.


Surf school & surf lessons

Our surf courses for beginners courses are aimed specifically at those who have never surfed before or those who have already taken some lessons but feel they need to improve. Our surf clinics are targeted specifically to those who are surfing quite regularly but feel they need to further improve and concentrate and master a specifc aspect of surfing as improving turns, perfecting a maneuver techniques. Each lesson is complete , approx day. 4h with an optional rest for picnics on the beach , groups are divided by level and have a low instructor to student ratios , usually 1/8 or less. The materials, such as designing surfboards, surfing history , beach safety , weather and waves , surfing fitness, surfing rules , types of breakers, and many more …

Surf Equipment

Our Lanzarote surf school  uses the latest surf equipment including INT and Circle One softboards which are specifically designed for first time surfers, ease of use, stability and safety being the key factors. Intermediate surfers will have have the opportunity to ride a more traditional surfboard from our extensive range of South Point, Surftech and BIC boards including mini-malibus, fishes, funboards and longboards. All these boards are proven shapes form some of the worlds finest shapers. All of our boards come in many sizes and are chosen to suit your height and weight


Longboard coaching

Over the years in Lanzarote surf school we has taken the knowledge/experience and designed a coaching scheme specifically aimed at longboarders. Our exclusive longboard coaching weeks are availble to all longboarders and no matter what your ability/experience our experienced surf coaching team will help you to improve in every aspect of longboarding. The course covers all aspects longboard techniques such as cross stepping, drop knee turns, nose riding, paddling out, and many more that make longboarding so attractive.

If you have any questions regarding to surf courses we operate in our Lanzarote surf school then please do not hesitate to contact one of the team, we are here to help and share our passion and knowledge of surfing with you.